Jay and Leah Cruz are an energetic, millennial, power couple, whom are native New Yorkers and have made their permanent home here in the Tampa Bay Area with their  son for over 4 years now. Jay and Leah collectively have over 15 years of boxing experience.

They are fight fans who share a love for the sport.  Their passion for boxing brought them together over 7 years ago. Jay is a well know, well respected, sought out personal boxing trainer here in Tampa.  

Due to his intense following and popularity we have been able to make our dreams a reality by opening up our first Wolfpack Fitness Boxing studio. Leah has a back ground in bussiness management and sales, she also processes a degree in science. With her knowledge of anatomy,  physiology, proper range of motion, and common injuries.

They both take pride in creating WPFB intense Ultimate Full Body Boxing Workout and want you to make your workout count everytime. 

Leah and Jay have a strong passion for helping others succeed by helping you knock out your goals. The Cruz's have a desire to make a differens in the world just one punch at a time. 

They both believe in giving back to the community and have organized several charity events for the various organizations that have made an imprint on their hearts.

This hard working duo have been welcomed and supported by the community

during this jounery as entrepreneurs. They can't wait to share their successes  with the world!